Estate Planning

Estate Planning isn’t quite as exciting as Legacy Planning. This is the part of Legacy Planning where you suffer through putting all the legal papers necessary in place in order to make sure your wishes are respected after you pass. While this is overwhelming to some, My Legacy Group, has years of experience in guiding each of our clients through the dreaded fifteen documents needed to legally care for and protect your estate.

There are a multitude of reasons to make sure you plan your estate well in advance of your retirement years. We have ten reasons that we share with clients for doing so.

10 Benefits of Estate Planning

  1. Provide for your family
  2. Ensure that your minor children are taken care of by the people of your choice
  3. Minimize your expenses
  4. Transfer property to your loved one quickly
  5. Save your family from having to make difficult decisions at a difficult time
  6. Reduce taxes
  7. Make your retirement easier
  8. Plan for incapacity
  9. Support your favorite causes
  10. Make sure your business runs smoothly if you are a business owner

So, now that you know why you should have an estate plan, it’s time to look at the mechanics of getting one in place. Here are some things we will assist you with.


3 Main Components of Estate Planning

There are fifteen documents that are needed to implement an estate plan, here is a look at three of the most important items. The additional documents are forms that support the three main components of your estate

1. Financial
A living will that names the trustee for your estate. This is the person who will make the decisions about your assets and distribution of assets when you are no longer able to do so.

2. Health Care
Health Care Directives allow you to name a representative to make decision on your health at the end of your life. This is the person who guides your loved ones, and the doctors and other professionals assisting you at the end of your life, in following your wishes. This guidance is provided in the form of Instructions to doctors and hospitals as to the ending of your life as well as certain HIPPA forms.

3. Your Intentions
We all know how we would prefer our last days to be and who we trust the most to make sure those wishes are implemented. Creating a document so that your intentions are clear is how this is done. It requires you to prepare a handwritten note or letter, a typed and signed letter, or a video recording of your intentions so that there are no misunderstandings.

Estate planning can seem overwhelming, but with My Legacy Group, we take the heavy load so you can walk in peace and confidence knowing that you are well prepared.

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